Google Pixel Buds: is Babel fish dream of in-ear translation now a reality?

How is technology going to change our profession? Check out the latest from THE GUARDIAN

Google translation headphones are here, and they’re going to start a war

Opinion piece by Nigel Kendal from THE GUARDIAN

UN recognizes International Translation Day and the professionals who make diplomacy possible

For the first time this year, the United Nations official celebrated international translation day on September 30, for complete information, background, and more, follow THIS LINK.

New Mexico: Savoring the Spanish of my youth as the language marches on

Article by Simon Romero, published in the New York Times on August 23, 1017  Read here: TIMES INSIDER

Is it ever okay to ask children to interpret for their parents?

When is it OK to ask children to translate for their parents in emergency situations? That’s a question law enforcement agencies are wrestling with more and more. That’s because 18.5 million children in the U.S.  have at least one immigrant parent, and more than half of those parents don’t speak English fluently.  Read more here.

Medical interpreters

This article in the New England Journal of Medicine by Ranjana Srivastava gives a window into the emotional challenges of medical interpreting. NEJM, the Interpreter

pcoming training on April 15 with Virginia Valencia (more info here)

List of members who can receive the one-time discount here: NMTIA members Sept 2016!

Literary Awards Department at PEN America.

This morning, we announced the 2017/PEN Heim Translation Fund Grants, which we feel may be of interest to you.

For the fourteenth year in a row PEN America is pleased to announce our 15 Heim Fund grantees, whose translation works span 13 different languages and a diverse range of genres. Alongside this PEN is also celebrating the inaugural winner of the new PEN Grant for the English Translation of Italian Literature.

To read the judges’ citations and excerpts from honorees’ work, please visit: https://pen.org/announcing-2017-penheim-translation-fund-grants/

Should you have any questions regarding the award, the recipients or our Translation Fund in general, please do not hesitate to contact us at litawards.pen@gmail.com.

Imogen Fordyce,  Literary Awards Department, PEN AMERICA

Continuing Education News

2016 was a busy year for NMTIA programs. On April 24-25, Federally Certified Interpreter Ines Swaney gave three workshops in Albuquerque, one on Improvisation Techniques for Interpreters (two sessions) and one on Depositions. These were language neutral, well attended, and got rave reviews. On November 12, NMTIA President and NM Certified Court Interpreter Lisa O’Grady gave a class on ethics for court interpreters after our membership meeting and we topped off the year with a tour of the Albuquerque  crime lab on December 9.

Crime lab tour
Thirty-one (31) NMTIA members participated in a training on December 9, 2016 at the Metropolitan Forensic Science Center, also known as the Albuquerque Police Crime Lab. Both translators and interpreters were represented and the language groups represented were Spanish, Navajo, Vietnamese, Thai, Russian, and German. The participants experienced an afternoon jampacked with learning about the functioning of police crime investigation including DNA, Ballistics, Firearms and Tool Marks, Fingerprint Analysis, Blood Breath Alcohol Testing, and Drug Chemistry. The afternoon included a PowerPoint presentation on the over all workings of the Crime Lab, as well as tours of the Evidence Locker, the Triage Room, the Firearms Range and Lab, the Drug Chemistry Labs, the Mobile Crime Unit, as well as the immense Firearms Library collection ranging from pistols and rifles to antique and automatic weapons.
The training was free of charge to NMTIA membets and participants also received a packet of free resource materials including glossaries, terminologies, and diagrams related to the training. Participants overall were very pleased with the training and recognized how much it would help them in their work in the future. John Krebsbach, Director of the Crime Lab was very instrumental and enthusiastic about hosting our group and the NMTIA extends their sincere thanks to the Director and his staff for welcoming us. Unfortunately, Director Krebsbach will be retiring this month after 25 years of service, but the NMTIA hopes to sponsor another tour and presentation and will be working along with new Crime Lab staff members to plan similar events in the future.
Click any of these links to access the glossaries shared during this training:

Nancy Kathryn Ruiz in Memorium

Founding member, former president and original webmaster of NMTIA, Nancy Ruiz, died suddenly on August 26, 2016 at the age of 79. Nancy was a a brilliant software engineer, scientific translator, and musician who lived an amazing and inspirational life. She will be sorely missed by everyone in the interpreting and translating community in New Mexico, and far beyond. Please take a few minutes to read about her life in this obituary in the Santa Fe New Mexican. Her son Carlos shared the following lovely video about her life, which was shown at her memorial on November 12. She will be missed.

Donations requested for NMTIA member

Juan José Peña, a pioneer of court interpreting in New Mexico and lifetime honorary member of NMTIA for his contributions to the profession. Last November Juan José suffered a severe heart attack, and is facing major expenses to help with his 24-hour care and recovery. If you’re able to make a contribution to his medical fund, it would be greatly appreciated. Everything helps! For more information and to make an online donation, please follow this link.
Thank you for your generosity!

Court Interpreters Say When They’re Mistreated, Immigrates Suffer Too

Translation: Better pay and higher standards mean a more just system for all

Article from the Huffington Post, click link below. “The labor dispute is now spilling into the immigration courts, and it’s having an impact on the immigration judges, the attorneys like myself and, more importantly, … the individuals that are before the courts,” Nieblas said. “That shouldn’t be the case.”


How can we better represent you?

NMTIA aims to represent and provide useful training for translators and interpreters in all languages and fields. However, our board is currently dominated by court interpreters, primarily working in Spanish<>English. If you are NOT a Spanish court interpreters, we need your help! Here are a few ideas:

1) Please consider nominating yourself for the  board during the next elections (January)

2) Help organize an NMTIA training in your area of interest/specialization

3) Give us ideas about what trainings would be useful, and how we can better represent you.

Please contact info@nmtia.net to give us input!

Send us postings

If you hear of job openings or training opportunities that you think should be listed on our website, please send the details to webmaster@nmtia.net.   We are all volunteers, so all help is appreciated!

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