New Mexico state govt. position open: full-time, temporary

Details here:

Informal RFP Translation Services

The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions is requesting proposals for a contract translator to assist the Department in updating its Unemployment Insurance website to be fully accessible in Spanish. Proposals may not exceed $60,000 and details regarding the positions are below:

1) 40 hours/week of work – July 21 through December 31 (initial work completed by Aug 31, plus ongoing changes and updates including possible Pandemic Unemployment Assistance modification language).

2) Background in web-based applications and testing preferred. Experience in supporting online translation of websites including:

  • Knowledge/Experience with HTML codes for a given Spanish character
  • Knowledge/experience with basic HTML tags
  • Knowledge/experience with web-based content editing tools

3) Certification in Translation Services required. Fluency in written Spanish with NM dialect preferred.

4) Ability to work from home with own personal computer required.

• Preferred OS is Windows 10 with Internet Explorer 11/ Chrome as browser. Computer will need be loaded with NMDWS provided security software to include: Palo Alto Traps and Global Protect VPN software installations on personal computer they use (Windows

10 is the preferred OS for VPN).
• Candidate will need to have internet connectivity and understand how to remote into

NMDWS hosted systems.

5) Organization and flexibility are required.

Proposals are being accepted immediately and due no later than: July 3, 2020. Please submit proposals via email to: