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American Pie Seminars Classes for New Mexico

WebEthics.4 (a)  Mini Ethics for Terps                                     (1 hour)

July 20, November 28                                5:45 p.m. Pacific Time

A full hour of the above to keep the conversation rolling!

WebRX.4   Is There an Ephebiatrician in the House?                                   (3 hours)

April 18, July 25, October 10, December 5                      5:45 p.m. Pacific Time

Blood and gore, it isn’t.  Word!  This serious-minded yet hardly intense webinar aims to familiarize interpreters with health-specific terminology (a.k.a medical terms) in both their formal and informal versions.  We’ll mix in a fun syndromes and conditions, health-related neologisms, and selected body parts.  We promise it won’t hurt!

WebVocab.4   Words Galore… Pesky Plurals… and Much More!                       (3 hours)

Apil 25, August 1, October 17, December 12                                             5:45 p.m. Pacific Time

A vocabulary and grammar toss does not have to be a yawn.  Not even!  This lexical extravaganza is sure to awaken the senses.  We’ll get it all straight on commonly confused terms, and dust off some oft-forgotten grammatical beauts.  Gerunds, phrasal verbs, agreement, and other linguistic gems are alive and kicking… and in full occupation of  this webinar!

2017 – New Mexico Seminar Catalog